Hot Spring

History of Akiu Hot Spring

Akiu is the nearest hot spring resort in Sendai, the hub city in Tohoku region; the area in northeasternvJapan.
The Akiu spa is historically renowned and is among the three oldest hot springs in Japan. The name "Sakan" came from a man name Kanzaburo Satoh" who first started a small ryokan (Japanese inn) here in Akiu about 1000 years ago. Then, his descendants are handed down for generations ever since. Now,Sakan is owned by his 34 generation.

About Hotspring

There are various kinds of bathroom. They are situated by the Natori river, you can enjoy fine view. Sakan has long history. In the Edo era, Sendai lord Masamune Date visited Akiu. hotspring. We are closely connected with Masamune Date. Hotspring source is good for the health.

1F Public Bathroom

It is the biggest bathroom in Sakan. This bathroom has outdoor bath made out of wood and has mist sauna. Please enjoy Japanese season scenery.

  • Capacity:150 person
  • Seat:29
  • Materials:Teppeiseki(鉄平石)
  • Amenities:Shampoo, Rinse, Body soap, Make up goods, Dryer, Water cooler, Infrared
  • Open Hours:For Men 13:00-24:00 For Women 1:00-12:30

B1F Public Bathroom

The moment you enter this bathroom, comfortable light and enrich powder room welcomes to you. It has outdoor bath made of stone. For women time, we prepare various kinds of amenities.Please refresh your mind and body.

  • Capacity:120 person
  • Seat:20
  • Materials:Izuseki(伊豆石)
  • Amenities:Shampoo, Rinse, Body soap, Make up goods, Dryer, Water cooler, Infrared
  • Open Hours:For Men 1:00-12:30 For Women 13:00-24:00


This bathrooms bath tub is made out of cypress wood. At the weekend evening, it floats rose only for women.(It has sauna in this bathroom.) In the Edo era, Sendai

  • Capacity:50 person
  • Seat:5
  • Materials:Hinoki /Granite
  • Amenities:Body soap, Make up goods, Dryer/Saun
  • Open Hours:5:00-23:00


This is outdoor bath by the Natori river. Please feel the special time while listening the murmuring of stream. Please enjoy Japanese season scenery, green leaves in summer, colored leaves in autumn, snow scene in winter.

  • Capacity:10 person
  • Materials:Granite
  • Open Hours:For Men 5:00-11:00 For Women 14:30-23:00

Private Bathroom

This private bathroom is family type. It structure is barrier free, so it is suitable for family.
・We accept reserve in advance only person of advanced age.
・Please reserve your check-in day at the reception.

  • Time:40 minutes / per 1 group
  • Fee: 2,000JPY / 40 minutes
  • Capacity:3 person
  • Seat:1
  • Materials:Tile
  • Amenities:Shampoo, Rinse, Body soap, Make up goods, Dryer
  • Open Hours:15:00-22:00, 6:00 -10:00